The 40th District’s Newest Constituent: Evelyn Reese Tanner


I’d like to introduce everyone to the 40th district’s newest constituent: Evelyn Reese Tanner! She is healthy at 9lbs, 11oz and 22 inches tall!

I’ve been a Father for only a day now, and it’s more amazing and life-changing than I could have ever expected. I already see the world through her eyes, and it’s more clear now than ever that we need serious change to give her the world she deserves.

I’m running for Evelyn. I’m running because I want to make sure she gets the best education from our incredible public schools. I’m running because when Evelyn grows up, I want her to be making as much as her male counterparts, and that she gets access to affordable healthcare.

We made Northern Virginia our home because it’s where we can achieve the American dream.

I will fight so that Evelyn, and every other child born in Virginia, gets their shot at that dream too.